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· Team Comedy ·

Team Comedy is part of Fandomverse. Introduce yourself here. Get some team icons here.

To be a part of Team Comedy, apply here and ask for Team Comedy as your first choice team.

· Fandomverse ·

FandomVerse is a multifandom challenge community where any and every kind of fandom is included. You compete in various challenges that include graphics making, writing, games or just plain luck and collect points throughout the phase and hopefully win as a team in the end. As stated, this is a place for all your fandoms, no matter if it's a TV-show, movie, book or game. For a small number of challenges (trivia for example) however we'll narrow the included fandoms down so it doesn't get too complicated. A list, made of the currently airing Top 10 airing and classic shows for each genre/team (crime, comedy, drama, scifi) can be found HERE.

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Apply for a team || FAQs || Page-a-Mod

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